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Join the revolution of consciousness by screening the "Joy of Devotion" in your community!

A public performance license is required by copyright law for any business, institution, organization, company or individual who wishes to engage in any screening of the film outside of the home. This requirement applies regardless of whether the institution, company or organization is commercial or non-profit, or whether a federal or state agency is involved, and whether viewing is free or an admission or other fee is charged. 

The public screening license is only valid within the boundaries of your town or city. However, once you purchase the license you may screen the film unlimited times, for perpetuity. The license fee varies according the the nature of the screening:

  • $108 for free screenings where no admission is charged 

  • $250 for screenings where admission is charged at the door, or for fundraising events 

Limited time offer: take 50% off! Offer ends 3/31/20

You may fill out the screening request form and pay the license fee below. Upon receiving the form and the payment we'll send you the link where you can download the film in high definition.


North America:


Baltimore (MD)

Boston (MA)

Burnaby (BC, Canada)

Carriere (MS, New Talavana)

Chicago (IL)

Colombus (OH)

Dallas (TX)

Harrisburg (PA)

Hillsborough (NC)

Houston (TX)

Los Angeles, (CA)

Naperville (IL)


New Vrindavan (WV)

New York (Bhakti Center)

Orlando (FL)

Phoenix (AZ)

Plainview (NJ)

Richmond (VA)

San Diego (CA)

Seattle (WA, Bhakti Yoga Society)

Toronto (CA)

Towaco (NJ)

Washington, D.C.

Ypsilanti (MI)


Belgium (Radhadesh)

Denmark (Aarhaus)

France (Nouvelle Mayapur)


Hungary (Budapest)

Poland (Warsaw)

Russia (Moscow)

Switzerland (Zurich)

UK (London, Bhaktivedanta Manor, Cardiff)



Australia (Melbourne)

Hong Kong

Japan (Tokyo)

Philippines (Manila)

India (Mumbai; Delhi; Mayapur)

South Africa (Johannesburg; Standon)

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